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Introducing the World's 1st Anti-oxidizing Energy Machine.  


Entropy-Wave it. Made in Singapore. 


# Using patented Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves, we infuse this energy into our beverages

# Water molecules then become energized, creating water clusters with free electrons (energy) around them

# Upon consumption, the free electrons (energy) will power the anti-oxidizing function and supercharge metabolism in our bodies


Foot Massage


Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats your whole body and mind through accessing pressure points on various areas of the body.

Full Body Massage & Reflexology

This massage will include a focus on specific areas of pain. This technique uses light to firm pressure and is a balance of relaxation and muscle relief.

Head Massage
Pressure Points

Theraputic Massage

This massage focuses on relieving the deep layers of the muscles. This technique uses slow, deep, sustained linear pressure. The relief to the muscle allows it to regain its freedom of movement.

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