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About Windsor Lifestyle

The vision behind creating Windsor-Lifestyle brand is to provide affordable sumptuous living, then just fulfilling necessities of life. In general lifestyle refers to people with a lot of money, which is not true!


A little pampering of oneself, offers much more than living; we all deserve healthy and long-life. A perfect balance between work and personal life has a long-lasting effect on family and community.

 List of Companies for Insurance Coverages

  • Blue Cross (therapists need to be registered as an approved Health Care Provider in each province where their clients are filing their claims)

  • CINUP Insurance

  • Claim Secure

  • Co-operators

  • Green Shield

  • Industrial Alliance

  • LEAGUE (RAC has an agreement with LEAGUE to promote RCRT(TM)s to their insured clients)

  • Manulife

  • Provider Connect

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators

  • Sun LIfe

  • Great West Life (at present they like the Reflexology receipts to be issued from a Naturopathic Doctor, but have ben in contact with the RAC office as well)


Clients should check with their Human Resources Department or directly with their Insurance Provider to see if Reflexology is a benefit they can use in their health plan.


If it isn't, clients should approach their Human Resources Department or Insurance Provider with a letter (available online or contact RAC Head Office) asking to have Reflexology added to their benefit package.

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